Heather Henderson


Professional Genealogist
Blatant Tourist

...and proud auntie

About Heather


I'm a place goer and thing doer.

I'm passionate about the earth, history, and startup businesses—which is what I do for a "job." My favorite color is the smudgy green-blue-purple color of the trees on a mountain covered in snow. I believe in conscious capitalism and the triple bottom line.

I'm perpetually lost, but I always get where I need to be—even if that's not where I thought I was going. I'm head over heels for my niece and nephews.

I usually have at least 50 tabs and 20 apps open at once, and I read all the time...even while I'm eating cereal. I'm always learning something new, because that's what life is all about—learning, growing, and loving.

I was a rotten teenager. Family history gave my parents a neutral zone to communicate with me from, and it saved my life. When my job with the 2002 Salt Lake Olympic Winter Games was over, I decided to become a professional genealogist. Along the way I've discoverd many new things, including a love of design for print and web, and helping startup businesses.

Today, I do a lot of random things, go a lot of interesting places, and I'm happy. Welcome to my world.


Stuff I Do


Professional family history

I've been a professional genealogist since 2002. See my adventure/experience map above for more information about my areas of expertise.

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I do freelance design work like brochures, advertising, logos, etc. mostly in the genealogy niche, but I'm starting to branch out. (pun intended)

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Web projects

Websites are my newest thing. I'm a front-end girl learning (slowly) to code. I currently do wireframing, design, UX, UI (HTML & CSS), and user testing.

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